• Timetables. From now on clever.
    CodePay has made it possible to check your timetables and schedules on all mobile devices just by using suitable apps. Passengers won’t have to struggle with complicated timetables to obtain the needed information anymore.
  • The QR Marketing. New. Creativ.
    The QR Marketing is still developing. Be a part of it! Trust our specialists. Your opportunities are unlimited and highly specialized.
  • Promotion. Target events.
    Direct improvement of sale.Consolidation of the relations to customers. Target events and parties. Win of new customers.
  • Any ideas? Please contact us.
    Do you have any idea how to use the QR codes even more effectively? Contact us. We will be glad to share our experience with you and if your idea turns out to be great, we will offer you much more.



1. Become a Partner

Would you like to become a partner of us? Then please fill out the form


2. QR Marketing afresh or new…

Mobile marketing and first and foremost QR Code-based marketing is still in the development phase. Together with you we would like to be the part of its development in Poland. Therefore we give you the best tools, our knowledge and professionalism.


1. Integrated Solutions

Our partners in addition to the use of systems available on our platforms, has the ability to integrate own solutions using a shared API with our services.

CodePay. About company.

Apparently some people believe in tomorrow. In CodePay know that tomorrow you will need to think about the day after tomorrow. Herbal we do today.

CodePay provides innovative solutions in the field of mobile payments and QR marketing. We use modern capabilities and make it easy for our partners inevitably impending entry into the era of dominance of the mobile Internet. Our activities are focused on encouraging the client to the activity in accordance with the principle of “Here and Now” and on the maximum shortening and simplifying the process of the transaction between the seller and the buyer. We open new distribution channels, expanding markets, provide new and attractive channels of communication with Consumers.